Yorkshire Business Collective

Why outsource core business skills?

How can outsourcing help your business?

What if...

...you pick the wrong candidate?

...or they leave just after they’ve completed a lengthy and expensive training programme?

...or the project you recruited them for just didn’t work out?

...or the inexperienced trainees you took on are willing, but you don’t have the time to teach them to be able?

...or a disgruntled recruit disappears with all your trade secrets?

Outsourcing some of the core competencies you need to maintain and develop your business can bring cost, time and risk reducing benefits.
Operating a business in the UK today becomes increasingly complex, with small and medium sized businesses expected to uphold the same legal requirements as large corporations. New laws to protect part time workers have brought increased employment costs for all businesses...even the smallest.
Every organisation and every manager can sometimes benefit from an objective perspective that brings expertise in a given area. An external consultant can bring new proven idea’s to consider; they will work with you to tackle barriers or accelerate progress; or can simply act as a sounding board to evaluate options and develop and implement action plans.
If you’re just setting up a new business, outsourcing key skills ensures you get off to the best possible start, reduces expenditure on recruiting and employing full time staff in the developmental stages and allows you to focus on core business needs.
A confidentiality agreement as part of the contract between you and the consultant ensures that business information stays within your control.